LaxmiSteelFurniture is an unique furniture company. We allow the Indian to survive better today in their homes, by providing all of them award-winning furniture and also home decor on blank. All of our furniture is designed in-house by specialists. Our furniture is inspired by the Indian urban user and also how they live in their homes. Our styles are user-led and inspired by their evolving requirements and increasing way of life. We don’t simply provide furniture. We provide decor, stuff and appliances also. So, with a simple click, one can create their whole home, room or corner without traversing multiple stores or web sites at a small fraction of the valuable time, effort and cost. All decor that we provide is brand new, and also never reused for cleanliness reasons. Think of LaxmiSteelFurniture as a furniture concierge service. It contains a host of complimentary benefits like switching of furniture when requirements change, relocation across towns, pausing of subscriptions and deep cleaning services as a part of the subscription. We operate our services in India.