Pocket spring mattresses are often used on box spring beds. Due to its quality, it absorbs the strain of the body very well. In addition, the combination of box spring and pocket spring core ensures a light suspension.

What to look for when buying?

Hardness: The mattress hardness determines the sleeping comfort and posture of the spine. With the right degree of hardness, the spine lies straight up in the lateral sleeping position. Which degree of hardness is the right one depends primarily on body weight? The heavier the sleeper is, the harder the mattress must be. The height, stature and sleeping position also play a role in choosing the degree of hardness.

Height: The height of the pocket spring mattress plays in sleeping comfort. A basic definition of the perfect height does not exist. Generally, the mattress should be so thick that the slatted frame is not felt when lying down. In pocket spring mattresses, the pressing of the slatted frame is avoided by the steel springs. Here the height does not play such a big role. Nevertheless, this should be at least 16 cm.

7 zones: Good pocket spring mattresses consist of three to nine lying zones. The more sleeping zones a pocket spring mattress has, the better the spine is supported. However, the following also applies here: it is not the number of reclining zones that determine the sound sleep but the correct positioning of the individual parts of the body on the reclining areas provided for them.

Room weight: The volume weight stands for the longevity of the mattress. Generally, the density should be at least 40 RG. The volume weight is calculated using the formula: Weight (in kg) divided by the length x width x height (in m).

A number of springs: A good pocket spring mattress with excellent adaptability to the body should have at least 1,000 steel springs. The highest number is around 2,000 steel springs. The more steel springs in the pocket spring mattress, the higher the quality of the mattress and the higher the point elasticity. Check out our best collection of king mattress sales.